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The Heart is the Hunter
Love is the kill.
The Heart is the Hunter
We succumb to her will.

To sum "Heart" up: it's a classic vocal record, full of aching beauty with punch and grit. From 80’s modernity to Alt-Nashville country, the album takes you deep into heartbreak and grace with songs from Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman, Peter Gabriel, my father Steve Klingaman and me. It’s a deeply poetic record where understatement and nuance invite the listener in deeper.  Mixed and mastered in Nashville with Neilson Hubbard (The Orphan Brigade) & Jim DeMain (Dolly Parton, Robert Plant, Steve Earle). Featuring John O’Reilly, Jr. (El Vy, FUN) on drums and Peter Ostroushko (Prairie Home Companion, Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks”) on mandolin, and Mark Christine co-producing and on keys.
This record is inspired by the song stylings of Emmy Lou, Dolly and Linda Ronstadt. They put their own stamp on some of the best songs of their generation. I love hearing the stylistic personality of the artist come through on a familiar song. It's about perspective, story-telling, and taking you to a place you already know but making it new and breathing fresh life into it while reminding you why it was so meaningful in the first place.

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